Saturday, September 29, 2012

Have I done any actual ART this year?

art? well a little...I painted a fish on a board for John.

House painting

The only problem is, it's all bigger than it looks, so now that there is so much that looks painted, I pull back to reveal how big this job really is!
What we have done so far has been spare time work all summer, but the weather has changed so much, I don't think we will get much further this year....besides, my fear of heights is making this job harder.
Maybe next summer I can pay someone to do the really scary bits?

I have gotten some actual painting done

and John did help with a lot of the painting!

I like the colors, and I LOVE to see the progress!!!

more about the house...

but it needs scraping, caulking, and priming first.
I am using this incrdible primer, that will keep the wood dry, even before you add paint over it.
it's called MAD DOG and it is the best!
Here is a photo, after I have primed the lower half, it rained...

and you can see how the boards that have been primed are dry!
sorry, that no matter how SMALL I make the photo I cannot seem to set it VERTICAL!!!!
the right side should be considered the top, which is wet, and not yet scraped.

painting -the house

You may be wondering how I have spent my summer...
as you can see, my house has been in desperate need of painting....for quite some time