Sunday, September 25, 2011

Is art useless?

Coin Bear (useful) Sculpture-Chelsea
Oscar Wilde  again:
"We can forgive a man for making a useful thing as long as he does not admire it.
The only excuse for making a useless thing is that one admire it intensely.
All art is quite useless."

Personally I disagree. -c

Any opinions?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Over 250 Maps distributed!

Over 250 Maps distributed!
A busy weekend.
I finished all 3 bears with multiple clear coats,
I finished off 3 painted flower pots, and put mums in them for those who are looking for
a decorative piece of art with a bit of fall life.
...and I disdtributed the rest of my big box of maps from Eden to Stowe!
I know there is still more to do...
but I'm getting there!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What is the Old Belvidere Schoolhouse Studio?

Belvidere Vermont Autumn
 Well, ultimately it's my home.
For this weekend only I am opening the groundfloor to the public to take a look at all of my art in one place, and to get to see some of the processes used to creat it.

But why drive this far North?

The road to get there in the Autumn is IDEAL!

 This is it! The Old Belvidere Schoolhouse
North past Tallman's ABC store in Autumn

 Someone at work said it must be lovely...

and, yes,

 in a word it is lovely.
 There is a river,
Oil Painting: River in My Backyard
This painting resides in Colorado
(normal summer water levels depicted)
(Which is an incredible solace, and so very nice ...when it's not angry.)

The North Branch of The Lamoille, spring 2011
at this point the water is a little higher than during
Hrricane Irene.
Behind my house

Yes, I Know she needs paint,
I have scraped and primed
below the windows of the first floor.

I guess it depends on your point of view.
Some would call it a money pit, my Father calls it my albatross....

I've been working at the store a lot lately,
 & I've been very inspired by my customers, with no time to act on it.
I've even managed to have a 24 hour flu, or food poisoning (one or the other)
during one of my precious few Sunday's off, so it was spent trying to burn off a fever.
There is still so much to do for Open Studio!
100 Maps are distributed...
I have somehow managed to nearly finish 3 separate bear sculptures, although admittedly, they were half done already. I just need to do some retouch & clear coating.
I have promised myself
that by the time the signs are out, and the doors are open,
I will have mixed a big and brand new batch of oil paint, and I'll be painting during the show.
But until then I will try to update more about the ongoing art projects...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

What's in the Map?

 If you did go to the Vermont Crafts Council's website showing the Foliage Open Studio Map link in my previous post, you will have seen that Chittenden county has tons of artists, but my county, Lamoille, is grouped together with three others, because there are only 4 artists listed here.

I know there are more artists in this area, and I thought of inviting some of them, but decided to try it by myself first - and start learning how to do it right, before I complicate it further.
I am lucky to have heard many stories of Open Studio expiriences, because of my work at Artists' Mediums Inc., but there is still an awful lot I need to do.

Difficult, because I am working open to close Fri., Sat., & Mon.then normal hours Tues through Saturday.
So sunday is my big day to get alot done.

 I am getting one thing done...
Perhaps showing images of my art could be the best way to find folks who'd like it.
For this reason, I am Making inserts / invites to put in the copies of Foliage Open Studio Maps that I now need to distribute all over. (and Lamolle is a BIG AREA.) I guess my work is cut out for me!

Here is what it says:
You are invited to the Old Belvidere Schoolhouse Foliage Open studio,

Oct. 1st and 2nd, 10-5 and see how this kind of art is made.


Chelsea Lindner Belvidere VT. Studio 109
Artist: Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors, Prints, & Sculptures.
Since I can't arrange the photos the way I did in Word, here are the (photos) I inserted in one row in order.
(on the flier, they are smaller, and similar in size)


By the way, and just for the record: My word program tired to change my spelling for the flier,
the suggestion : "see how this kind of art are made."
(Another reason I am still being draggged, kicking and screaming, into the technological age.)
I'd better get back to stuffing maps...

Foliage Open Studio Maps!

We have the Vermont Crafts Council Foliage Open Studio Map at the Store- at Artists' Mediums Inc. in Williston Vermont now too!!!

So please feel free to stop by and pick up your copy, so you can take the tour!
Meet your nieghbors, who might just be creative people...find the artists in YOUR area, even if you can't visit mine.
But just in case:

(My Old Belvidere Schoolhouse is Studio 109.)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

More Quotes

The Entwife, Oil, by Chelsea
Oscar Wilde also said
"Diversity of opinion about a work of art shows that the work is new, complex, and vital.
When critics disagree the artist is in accord with himself."

Friday, September 2, 2011

Here is the actual Listing

109. Old Belvidere Schoolhouse Studio - Chelsea Lindner - Oil, watercolor, landscapes, prints, sculpture. 3721 Vt Rte 109, Belvidere Center, VT 05442. (802) 644-8061. From Rte 15 in Jeffersonville, turn onto 108, travel 0.4 mile and turn right onto Rte 109 N. Follow Rte 109 for 11.1 miles. Find us at the corner of Bog Rd and Rte 109 in the old Belvidere Schoolhouse.

I've been getting ready,
There are over 50 oils, several Watercolors (they are mostly, but not all landscapes)
I only said prints, even though I do Blockprints and Monoprints...
I have some sculptures in progress that I'm going to try to finish this month...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fall Foliage Open Studio Maps!

Fall Open Studio Maps are available now!
(click here to see a copy!)
My studio Number should be easy to remember, since it is 109, and I live on route 109!
Here's the page I am actually on: