Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Portrait Complete

Portrait Complete, frame chosen, framing assembeled and off to my customer/friend.
I painted it very thin, over many weeks, so I can put it in the frame with no damage to the paint.
But since it is an oil painting, I have an arrangement to allow it to be enjoyed for about 5-6 months, but then I will have to bring it back to the studio to varnish it.
 The frame shown on the left is the one that was chosen. I am pleased with this Portrait.

You know, Portriats of any kind are very difficult.
It may sound like a joke, but when I think of human subjects for portraits...I think there are too many variables for me.
  Am I supposed to paint this person they way they see themselves? they would view themselves in a mirror? Then there is the problem of what I see, (in whatever photos I assume* are provided?) versus what I am capable of painting. Countless experience has shown me that I never do quite paint what I imagine I see. -chels
(*People, in my experience don't have time to sit, nor do I really, and of course photos often don't perfect either.)