Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I don't think I have ever before painted a boat.
Not sure if it's done or not.

I have painted some canvas!

This one still seems a bit pale but not as foggy as intended.
In progress on the easel.

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Great Vermont Plein Air Paint out 2013

I enjoyed the day in Waitsfield.
Here is what I painted:

For more photos of the event go to:

Painting my - house continued...

I wish I knew how to turn this photo - summer 2013

I'm actually sort of laughing at myself
 although it's true I am not comfortable up on the high ladder.

Honestly even years ago, when I moved in, the peeling paint and weather damage was worse towards the bottom of the house. Even though I will have to go up high to finish eventually I figure - in my old stoic way, that every little bit of coverage will help protect the house from further erosion.

Friday, July 5, 2013


.. of camp from memory in studio the day after. 


John and I traveled across the country beginning on April 2nd,
Snowing and 25 degrees in Vermont when we left

New York had no snow..

driving to Colorado, staying with family for a weekend or so then arriving home in the evening of April 18th.

We crossed a lot of states, and I took a lot of Photos -which I am still sorting.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Watercolors at Camp

A rainy day, makes for a soggy painting, but it had some merit, so here it is:

House painting 2013

Believe it r not I did find a day or two to scrape, caulk, prime and paint!
Waiting for dryer weather.

After a soggy spring

Which I spent mostly trying to save what I had unwisely already planted in my garden...
Good thing I mounded my garden for a raised bed effect, it has a moat!

Storm clouds

Williston, late June

I have done a couple of watercolors, which I will post soon.
I wish I could send this rain to my family in Colorado where fires burn out of control.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Picking up where I left off PAINTING THE HOUSE

It was snowing by the time I took the last photo of the house painting that I did last year.

Here is the photo from the last painting I did...I got all the way down one of the long sides!

So the HUGE body of this monster house still needs to be painted.
As the sun comes out, I realize that I may have to spend all of this summer and probably a bit of hard earned cash too since I am afraid of heights to finish this job!

Friday, March 22, 2013


The very first post I made on this blog was about an area in my house that I was wanting to paint a mural onto.
Well, I have finally gotten around to it.
This is what the process looked like:

 Now I am just having fun with the details in some of the birches!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chelsea's Artwork on Display at Artists' Mediums Inc

 I have over 20 pieces of art on display at Artists Mediums in Williston Vermont.
 You will find the prices to be ridiculously low, because I am trying to sell several pieces to help fund my trip to Denver to visit my family.
 Oils as well as a couple of acrylics.
 On display until the end of April.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Snow monster revisited

Well, we had another few great warm days to move and sculpt snow.
So I turned my snow monster into a triceratops. Seemed logical at the time.

 ...and even after several days of melting, I have compacted the snow so well, he's still standing.
This photo was taken on the morning of March 1st...other than a bit of a curve to his horns...still pretty ok.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Snow Creature

First, (on Sunday) I piled the snow, because it wasn't sticky enough to really do much else.

It started to look like a lizard, so I kept shoveling to make it more so!

Then I started to carve the teeth on Monday.

But the weather wasn't quite right for building, so every time I carved too much I would lose or break off a tooth.

So Tuesday morning, as I was leaving for work...I tried to fix a couple of teeth before I left, but I HAD to be at work and the snow was PERFECT for building. (It was even snowing a clean slushy compactable snow I was heartbroken!)
I am very lucky to have a staff of creative people who understand (even if they find it slightly amusing) that I had to go home early to fix my monster.
The weather was saying that it would freeze after Tuesday, so I knew I had to get it done now or never. I drove home & got there just before noon, and skipped lunch: shoveling and hand building till at least 4:30.
My Snow creatures teeth are much better now, and he has a left front foot at wee as a left back leg now!
Then after dark I tried to use glow sticks to light up the eyes and the mouth.
unfortunately glow sticks are not bright enough!
 I have already purchased some inexpensive LED flashlights, 
and tonight I will try to light it up again!

Thanks to the employees of Artists' Mediums Inc. for indulging my hobby.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Holiday card

Obviously there is a two month delay on my posts right now, I will try to catch up.
For starters, this was my Christmas card this year:

I drew the tree, then carved the block, then realized I carved the opposite of what I wanted to carve, so I had to reverse the printing, by printing with white on a dark background.
It worked out ok, I think, other than the fact that you have to use a white , gold or silver pen to fill it out!! (but we have those at the store, so it's all good.)