Sunday, July 31, 2011

art for blog

I am starting a page of my art for this blog.

As I begin to review my art work, and as I Post new/create new work.

 ...This will include everything I have created, (that I have digital images of),  hopefully.

Friday, July 29, 2011

In the paper!

Photos from the Plein air Festival:
Artists' Mediums Owner/Manager, Chelsea
and Artist Will Workman can be found on page 26 of the Williston Observer,
(just after the great article about Shawn Luke...a very talented artist!)
It is nice to see so much art in a local Newspaper!
(and as a business owner, I am so GLAD they mentioned my STORE!)

Monday, July 25, 2011

I took photos of some of the local Covered bridges.

I took photos of some of the local Covered bridges Saturday the 16th, before I went to work.

I think I'll be tring to paint some of them in Watercolor. I've already painted this one before in oils.

A Day off!

After the Plein air fest I went to Lammoile county field days....
too tired to think of taking photos , although I ate a ton of Faire food!
Yesterday, I did some mowing -and in the evening John & I took a ride around this gorgeous North country,
and I took several more photos from which to paint.

Still unpacking.
 Here are the works I showed during the reception.
Since I am so accustomed to oils, I really overworked them.
The willow was a little better...

I know I can do better, so I kinda don't want to put away the watercolors, just yet.

I'm going to have to put some things away though, there is art stuff spread all over this house.

...and I still should finish mowing ....
After picking blueberries in the yard yesterday, I am also convinced I need to make Blueberry muffins.

Friday, July 22, 2011

I didn't mix any Oils last night

So if I don't get to it tonight,
 I'll just have to muddle through with Watercolors!
Ah, Life!
-always a challenge.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just about ready for the Plein air Festival

Almost ready for the Plein Air Fest.
I got more bug spray, I even bought a straw hat..which I hope I remember to wear..
I'm A little nervous..only because I never paint outside and there's going to probably be a lot of people there!
So what can I do, that would be the best challenge for myself to stop taking it so seriously?
Might as well knock myself completely off-balance:
First, skip the acrylics, use the Watercolors mostly. (I rarely paint in Watercolors.)
(Only if I find the time tonight,or tomorrow night, will I mix a batch of oils, -as backup only- since I am most comfortable with oils..)
I do usually paint Landscapes.
If it's a REAL challenge, maybe I should try to paint the people participating?
Will any permit it?
(I can gaurantee they wont' be very representational. I almost never do portriats.)
So this should be fun!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Open studio this fall!

AND later in the year: Vermont Crafts Council's Open Studio Tour this Fall.

I'll be on it. Well, my studio will.
People coming into my studio...

Now this usually just makes me want to clean my house...
....but right now I gotta work.

The Plein air Festival

this weekend is the Plein air festival,
and I have signed up!

I am one of the 75 per-registered artists
rain or shine(!)
 in Underhill, (it could be pretty hot!)
 and then showing the artwork done -
at the Emille Gruppe Gallery and Barber Farm
- at the end of a long ART day.
Come see the finished art. (from 4:30 - 5:30 p.m.)
 You're likely to see some great stuff!

Trying not to get nervous about the fact that I seem Incapable of choosing ...there are several stacks by the door.Everything I need for:

Plus  a stack of things I need no-matter which medium I choose...bug spray, water,...I keep adding to the piles. Excitement and nervousness are nearly indistinguishable from eachother.

Monday, July 18, 2011

I like the title,

The title was one of 6 excellent ideas my witty brother had
 when I begged for his input. I didn't want my name prominent,  I want it to be about the art.
I didn't want to call it my art, because maybe sometimes it's just about life....maybe that's all art is: life.

Gypsies and Gesso...
I mean no offense to the wonderful people who are blessed with the Gypsy blood. As a kid, I wanted to be a Gypsy Fortune-teller every year for Halloween. Maybe that's why my brother thought of Gypsies.   I want to be as deeply wise, brave, and often Magical  as a Gypsy in the old tales.

What did the stories of Gypsies teach me?
To own the whole world by knowing what's really important,
...even when I don't have a dime.
To belong to this earth, drink it in, feeling sorry for myself.

Gesso, now that's brilliant because it is the primer, the white ground, the blank canvas before you paint anything on it.
...RIPE with possiblities!
That's how this feels.

Finally begun..

I said this year I would get really serious about my art.
...and plant a garden, and other things...
Anyway this blog is part of the process.
(If I never find the courage to give the URL to anyone, that'll be ok with me.)

This is just a way to show my art,
maybe talk a little about the process,
express my self (hopefully creatively),
which is (in my opinion) at least a part of what art is all about.

I will want to talk about what I think art is... probably ramble from time to time, so my apologies, in advance, for my poor spelling and tendancy towards on sentences like this one.