Friday, July 5, 2013


.. of camp from memory in studio the day after. 


John and I traveled across the country beginning on April 2nd,
Snowing and 25 degrees in Vermont when we left

New York had no snow..

driving to Colorado, staying with family for a weekend or so then arriving home in the evening of April 18th.

We crossed a lot of states, and I took a lot of Photos -which I am still sorting.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Watercolors at Camp

A rainy day, makes for a soggy painting, but it had some merit, so here it is:

House painting 2013

Believe it r not I did find a day or two to scrape, caulk, prime and paint!
Waiting for dryer weather.

After a soggy spring

Which I spent mostly trying to save what I had unwisely already planted in my garden...
Good thing I mounded my garden for a raised bed effect, it has a moat!

Storm clouds

Williston, late June

I have done a couple of watercolors, which I will post soon.
I wish I could send this rain to my family in Colorado where fires burn out of control.