Sunday, February 19, 2012

Do you remember winter?

I know, this year we haven't had much snow.
Although where I live -there is actually snow on the ground!
I have been trying to decide if it is worth it to try to carve anything out of my snowpile.
It's not very big and the temperature seems too cold to sculpt when I have the time.

I started thinking...
 I was remembering previous snowy years.

Sometimes we have been known to get this much snow:

I remember John and I, building a snowsculpture, in the style of Calvin and Hobbes...

 I am not complaining. The drive to work has been safer than ever.
I just thought I'd  take a look back as I load these photos into the snowscultpting page. I do hope you are all having a safe and wonderful winter.
I have finished 3 watercolors lately, but left them at work, so I will photo those and load them onto the computer next weekend or sooner...