Friday, January 20, 2012

Another collage

This is one that I made about 3 years ago, it's called "Eat your greens, and then we'll roast marshmallows!"
This is a close up, in person - you can see that the marshmallow is 3-D.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gotta get back to art! ...aRRRt I mean...

 I must admit to having a lot of great and exciting plans for the store this year... so my time will be divided...but I haven't forgotten to do art.

The first thing coming to the store is the RE cycle show. Art with 3 R's. Artists Mediums REDUCE, RE-USE, RECYCLE  Exhibit.
There is  still a CALL for ARRRT! Go to the store's website at or the Artists' Mediums blog. (ALL artists are invited! ...nudge...nudge...)

 These shows have always been a lot of fun!
 You have to see it to believe what people can make out of garbage.
  I HAD two pieces that would fit the theme,but over the past few days, I have finished two more collages.
So I will have a total of four pieces in the show: 3 collage and one 3-D.
The collages are made from seed and bulb catalogs:
so fresh off the presses, I haven't even named them yet.
I seemed to have lost track of the phot of the other one...will post again soon.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Retail Holiday sales, and inventory

Just in case anyone was wondering why I seemed to have fallen off the edge of the map.
I work Retail, at a fabulous store called Artists Mediums Inc. (

This means I have been putting in a lot of hours...
and inventory takes even more of my time...
The staff helps me by helping to count everything in the store, but I spend an awful lot of hours doing the data entry for hopefully after I finish up inventory, and we plan out some of the coming year for the store, I may just get back into the artwork.

My oil paints are dry.
I am trying to decide.
I would like to try some more watercolors...
or I could mix another batch of oil,
since I have a friend who has commissioned me to paint a portrait of his dog...
Soon... soon...