Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Snow Creature

First, (on Sunday) I piled the snow, because it wasn't sticky enough to really do much else.

It started to look like a lizard, so I kept shoveling to make it more so!

Then I started to carve the teeth on Monday.

But the weather wasn't quite right for building, so every time I carved too much I would lose or break off a tooth.

So Tuesday morning, as I was leaving for work...I tried to fix a couple of teeth before I left, but I HAD to be at work and the snow was PERFECT for building. (It was even snowing a clean slushy compactable snow I was heartbroken!)
I am very lucky to have a staff of creative people who understand (even if they find it slightly amusing) that I had to go home early to fix my monster.
The weather was saying that it would freeze after Tuesday, so I knew I had to get it done now or never. I drove home & got there just before noon, and skipped lunch: shoveling and hand building till at least 4:30.
My Snow creatures teeth are much better now, and he has a left front foot at wee as a left back leg now!
Then after dark I tried to use glow sticks to light up the eyes and the mouth.
unfortunately glow sticks are not bright enough!
 I have already purchased some inexpensive LED flashlights, 
and tonight I will try to light it up again!

Thanks to the employees of Artists' Mediums Inc. for indulging my hobby.